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簡介 / Profile

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張家誠先生 (Mr. Alan Cheung) 是香港著名的音樂監製、作曲家、編曲家及演唱會總監,創作範圍包括流行曲、廣告、電影及電視節目配樂等。



Mr. Alan Cheung (張家誠) is an award-winning composer and producer for pop music, advertising jingles and movie soundtracks.

Alan has more than 15 years of experience in music composing and production. He has published over 200 songs with more than 40 chart no. 1s and several award-winning songs. He has also published over 50 theme songs for TV dramas and films, and 50 advertising jingles for international brands.

His music covers a wider variety of genres including pop, rock, R&B, jazz, dance and instrumentals. He collaborated with singers like Joey Yung, Andy Lau, Alfred Hui, Fred Cheng, Jinny Ng, Fiona Sit, Twins and Jade Kwan.


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